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Trend Topic: How the ACA is Changing Health Care Analytics Thumbnail

Trend Topic: How the ACA is Changing Health Care Analytics

By Syed Mehmud, ASA, FCA, MAAA Actuaries have always been in the business of data. Centuries ago the work involved scanning clerical ledgers to create the first mortality tables. Today, human activ

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Tips for Getting into the Predictive Analytics Health Sector

The SOA recently launched a campaign to increase and expand the perception of actuaries as predictive analytics experts, specifically in the healthcare industry. To support this important initiative

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Actuarial Research in Development

In 2015 there are many  SOA research projects and experience studies slated. Here is a glimpse of the practical ideas and innovative concepts from pensions and retirement risks to predictive an

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Actuaries Advance Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics: It’s the process of using modeling and data analysis techniques on large data sets to discover predictive patterns and relationships for business use. From all corners of

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