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Online shopping? Pick up a CPD e-course

by Leslie Fausher, SOA e-Learning Manager With the holidays fast approaching, shopping malls are filling with frantic shoppers looking for last-minute deals on everything from ties to the largest-ever High-Definition Television (HDTV). If you’ve selected your friends wisely, you’ll be getting the HDTV. If not, then there’s always the popular option of re-gifting. It’s true what they say: They’ll never know. Savvier shoppers are avoiding long lines, parking lot showdowns and cold temperatures by shopping online. From the comfort of their own home, they are commanding books, toys and electronics to float off the shelves and materialize at their doorsteps – all with a few clicks of a mouse. Pretty powerful stuff. This year, there is another online purchase worth considering that is far more valuable than any gift you’ll receive: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. (more…)

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