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Trend Topic: How the ACA is Changing Health Care Analytics Thumbnail

Trend Topic: How the ACA is Changing Health Care Analytics

By Syed Mehmud, ASA, FCA, MAAA Actuaries have always been in the business of data. Centuries ago the work involved scanning clerical ledgers to create the first mortality tables. Today, human activ

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Adding a Master’s in Public Health to My FSA

By Carol McCall, FSA, MAAA, Principal, Health and Analytic Innovations Some people think I’m a glutton for punishment.  That’s their reaction to hearing I’ve gone back to school.  They sa

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Trend Topic: Mining Electronic Health Records

By Lillian L. Dittrick, FSA, MAAA Hospitals and health systems are increasingly designed to excel at the Triple Aim of providing patients with quality care and optimal experience at a lower cost.

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Anticipating the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan

As we have shared with you throughout the year, we are preparing to introduce the 2017-2021 SOA Strategic Plan in October. This Strategic Plan will replace the current plan and guide our work and stra

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Q&A with the Predictive Analytics Experts from the 2016 SOA Health Meeting

During this week’s 2016 SOA Health Meeting, the Society of Actuaries will host a panel discussion entitled “Health Care’s Sea Change: How Predictive Analytics is Improving the Way we Deliver Qua

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Trend Topic: Hands-on Experience Leads to Better Data Mining

By Andrew Webster, ASA, MAAA   Unlike life insurance or retirement, healthcare is an extremely complex area of actuarial science, because it is offered in a variety of settings by a diverse set

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Bridging Data and Software in Health Care

How I Combined Self-Learned Technical Skills and Traditional Actuarial Skills By Shea Parkes, FSA, MAAA After 10 years and the equivalent of at least three careers at Milliman I now spend my da

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Tips for Getting into the Predictive Analytics Health Sector

The SOA recently launched a campaign to increase and expand the perception of actuaries as predictive analytics experts, specifically in the healthcare industry. To support this important initiative

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