University Outreach Spring Visits

The Society of ActuariesUniversity Outreach Visit (SOA) University Outreach program visited six universities around the United States during the spring of 2016. More than 100 students attended the events. SOA staff and volunteer professional actuaries met with faculty and students and provided attendees information on the exam process, the profession and the job market.

One of the subjects explored by faculty during the visits was the upcoming ASA curriculum changes and how the changes will affect university actuarial programs.  Some of the universities also expressed an interest in learning more about how to become one of the SOA Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE).

The first visit in the spring was with students and faculty from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. It was well attended, despite having to compete with a political rally, a baseball game and a hockey game all going on in the area that evening.

The interactive presentation for students provided answers to questions about different practice areas, how to develop interpersonal skills and tips on how to land a job after graduation. One of the three featured actuaries suggested joining Toastmasters International as a way to grow interpersonal skills, while a faculty member proposed volunteering to give campus tours to improve communication skills.

An actuary at thUniversity Outreach evente Brooklyn College visit emphasized conquering time management skills as a way to balance work-life while preparing for exams. Students at Rutgers University learned how to stand out in the interview process by highlighting beneficial work experience—even if it is not purely actuarial.

The Binghamton University presentation included interview tips, how to best prepare for exams, and the importance of not giving up. The SOA also introduced the university to Gamma Iota Sigma, an international business fraternity for students of insurance, risk management and actuarial science.

University Outreach visits for the spring concluded at the University of Albany where one of the featured actuaries offered advice and information on taking exams, such as designating uninterrupted time every day to study.

If you would like to be part of the SOA University Outreach visits in the future, contact Tiffany Tatsumi at

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  • Tyler says:

    I find it misleading to mention that the University Outreach program went “around the United States” when all six locations were in the Mid-Atlantic region. Perhaps a narrower region would better describe the scope of the program’s outreach during this trip.

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