Actuary on Top Job List

The career of an actuary continues to be on best job lists, and now it is on the list for millennials. The Wall Street Journal ran a story about the top jobs for millennials, with actuary in the top five. The article focuses on a report that incorporates United States Department of Labor data on median salary, job growth and other related information.

Earlier this year job search portal CareerCast named actuary as the 2015 best job in the United States. In May, CareerCast announced actuary as a best job for women, along with several other STEM jobs. Read and share more about the actuarial career.

Students looking for more information about the role of an actuary and actuarial programs at colleges and universities can visit SOA’s web pages on education and the profession.

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2 responses to "Actuary on Top Job List"

  • Elad Smadja says:

    It is only natural that actuaries should be at the top of the jobs list, especially if you look at the criteria that are used for judging: physical and emotional work environment, present and future income and stress levels.

    The only problem is qualifying…

  • rick neisser says:

    I have a young friend who is a straight A actuarial student and by the end of his junior year will have three national exams passed. However he is from Vietnam and has run into problems trying to get an actuarial internship because corporations have told him they are looking ahead and do not want to pay the sponsorship fees that will be required to get him an H1 visa after he graduates. Is anyone aware of Financial or insurance companies who are willing to take non-US citizens as interns?

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