SOA Discussions on Longevity Risk

Earlier this week in Chicago, the SOA hosted a longevity seminar with key thought leaders from the actuarial profession and beyond to discuss longevity and share practices on a global level. This invite-only event focused on discussing the challenges, needs, opportunities and new ideas with longevity analysis and risk management.

Key topics included the implications of longevity and mortality improvement, drivers of future mortality, approaches for longevity modeling, and longevity risk management options. One reoccurring point of discussion was on modeling, from data collection and model development to statistical research, model choice/selection and advanced approaches with models.

During the discussion, attendees called out interest in participating in future longevity meetings from the SOA. The attendees also highlighted the continuing need for data collection from the SOA in terms of longevity research and experience studies. The SOA will share more details on the meeting’s findings and possible developments in the future.

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