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In the News: SOA Pension Research Insights

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of articles referencing SOA research and studies on private pension plans. Pensions & Investments magazine wrote about the SOA’s new research updating projections of contribution requirements for the private sector, single-employer defined benefit system. The article quoted Dale Hall, SOA managing director of research, on minimum contributions and economic sensitivities under a variety of economic scenarios. Another article from PlanSponsor referenced this same SOA report, “The Rising Tide of Pension Contributions Post-2013: How Much and When?”

There were also articles earlier this month referencing the SOA 2014 pension mortality tables in terms of the business impact. Companies have referenced in their corporate earnings the SOA’s mortality improvement findings in relation to pension liabilities for plans. For instance, Bloomberg quoted Hall on pension liabilities for an article about New York’s budget. The Wall Street Journal also quoted the SOA about mortality and public pension plans.

For more information about the latest research developments from the SOA, visit the research page.

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