Actuarial Research in Development

R. Dale Hall, Managing Director Research, Society of Actuaries

R. Dale Hall, Managing Director Research, Society of Actuaries

In 2015 there are many  SOA research projects and experience studies slated. Here is a glimpse of the practical ideas and innovative concepts from pensions and retirement risks to predictive analytics and health risks.

On the topic of pensions, the SOA and Canadian Institute of Actuaries are working together to develop data-driven, in-house Canadian pension research. The projects are in the early stages, though they serve as an example of the collaborative approach in creating research to support Canadian actuaries. Also, the SOA will explore a framework for quantitatively evaluating retirement plans for use by plan participants and plan sponsors in the U.S.

The SOA Committee on Post-Retirement Needs and Risks will host focus group research on the spending decisions of long-term retirees. The project will help to study the experiences of people who have been retired 15 to 25 years and to learn what major changes and issues have confronted them along the way. The committee will also continue its retirement risk research survey series of pre-retirees and retirees, to better understand the risks and challenges in retirement.

The SOA will host a thought leadership discussion on longevity risk, in building upon the important topic of living longer. Members will hear more about that discussion later this year.

This February at the National Tornado Summit in Oklahoma City, the SOA will present on Midwest climate research and associated health costs with extreme weather events.

The SOA has just released a new article collection on predictive analytics, which cover several areas of practice. The SOA will also explore a research project to provide a “primer” on predictive modeling for the life insurance industry, looking at a theoretical framework, insights on data, models and results, as well as more information on emerging issues.

Visit the SOA research page for the latest updates on new research opportunities and completed research projects.

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