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SOA Discussions on Longevity Risk

Earlier this week in Chicago, the SOA hosted a longevity seminar with key thought leaders from the actuarial profession and beyond to discuss longevity and share practices on a global level. This invi

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Hired Any 65-Year-Olds Lately? Thumbnail

Hired Any 65-Year-Olds Lately?

The reason I ask is that people are living longer but many haven’t saved enough to retire. The actuarial solution for this retirement gap is simple: More people will have to work beyond the “n

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In the News: SOA Pension Research Insights

Over the past few weeks there have been a number of articles referencing SOA research and studies on private pension plans. Pensions & Investments magazine wrote about the SOA’s new research upd

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Actuarial Research in Development

In 2015 there are many  SOA research projects and experience studies slated. Here is a glimpse of the practical ideas and innovative concepts from pensions and retirement risks to predictive an

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