Together We Progress – Board Meeting Recap and SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit Begins

Freedman_annualThe SOA Board met Oct. 25-26 to discuss and make decisions on a number of important issues. The Board discussed member engagement, and provided input to the Learning Strategy Task Force to develop a strategy to guide future directions for the SOA’s education activities. The Board approved the release of the finalized pension plan Mortality Tables RP-2014 and MP-2014 Mortality Improvement Scale, and the proposed new strategy for SOA activity in China.

The 2014 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit began today. 65th SOA President Mark J. Freedman, FSA, MAAA, addressed a full conference hall of attendees during the morning General Session. He welcomed 13 past presidents, President-Elect Errol Cramer, FSA, MAAA, incoming President-Elect Craig Reynolds, FSA, MAAA, and special guests from several actuarial organizations. Freedman thanked all the volunteers who helped develop the Annual Meeting’s program. He also announced year’s 11 recipients of the Outstanding Volunteer Award. In memory of Bradley M. Smith, FSA, MAAA, FLMI, Freedman conducted a moment of silence in Smith’s honor.

The Monday general session concluded with a keynote presentation from Adam Steltzner, chief landing phase engineer and development manager for the Mars Science Laboratory, whose job was to ensure that the intricately designed NASA Mars rover vehicle, Curiosity, landed safely. He and his team had to design, build, and fly the systems that, at 50 miles above Mars, slowed the one ton rover from a speed of nearly 15,000 miles per hour and deliver it safely to the planet’s surface. He shared with attendees his experience with this Curiosity project, and the importance of how to foster new ideas to solve difficult, unsurpassed challenges.

Stay tuned for more updates from the meeting. Visit the SOA gallery of photos from the 2014 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit.

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