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Actuarial Research for Informing Public Policy

R. Dale Hall, SOA Managing Director of Research

R. Dale Hall, SOA Managing Director of Research

The SOA has a long history of working with policymakers, regulators and our actuarial partner organizations on research that informs public policy. We are proud of the research projects and experience studies developed thus far and we look to the upcoming research on healthcare, pensions, climate risk and much more.

There are two new developments for research in support of the SOA 2013-2016 Strategic Plan and the continued research efforts to inform public policy. The SOA has created and filled a new staff position, Director of Regulatory Affairs, to help to create greater visibility of the SOA with regulatory bodies in the U.S. and in other countries where our members practice. We have also created an SOA Regulatory Research Advisory Council, which will help with guidance and planning of future experience studies and practice research projects to connect with what regulators will need on the horizon.

Visit our research pages for the latest developments of research reports and experience studies. And if you’re at the SOA 2014 Annual Meeting this October, be sure to attend one of our many sessions involving actuarial research.

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