Opportunities to Enhance Business Skills

While resolutions for the New Year come and go, one important resolution to keep is to build (or refresh) your business skills. These business skills are concepts you use every day that might deserve a little more refinement or a replenishment, where necessary.

According to a recent survey of SOA membership, participants indicated that newly credentialed hires and actuarial students need to improve upon, or in some cases, add soft skills like business communications (verbal and writing skills) and improved communications with non-actuaries. To help provide access to more business skill offerings, the SOA has now made available online professional development resources, namely the BizLibrary e-courses. These courses are designed for business professionals at all stages of their careers, from those just starting out to seasoned professionals.

This diverse mix of online courses covers the non-technical business communications important to rounding out overall career learning. These courses are a good accompaniment to the technical e-courses and in-person events already offered through the SOA. The BizLibary courses focus on the everyday skills necessary in the business world, from refining interpersonal communications and collaboration to leadership insights and business strategies. The online offering provides easy to access courses that are archived and available during the length of your subscription – a full year. Plus, these subscriptions are available in a bundle of five courses, to have a wide array of subject matter available.

Check out the BizLibary list of online courses, and sign up for a subscription today. Available sessions include effective listening techniques, how to build stronger work relationships, insights on how to lead teams, persuasive communications, emotional intelligence practices, and tips on strengthening business writing skills.

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One response to "Opportunities to Enhance Business Skills"

  • Beth Grice says:

    I just took the course: Business Writing: How to Write Clearly and Concisely. This was a good course about how to simplify business writing. I liked the excercises and the pace. There is also a job aid with a list of concepts.Give me your comments about courses that you have taken!

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