New Business Savvy Skills Seminar in Toronto

You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere. – Lee Iacocca

The wisdom of the above quote from one of America’s most successful business leaders is self evident.  Yet, many brilliant business professionals overlook the power and importance of good business communication skills.   Actuaries are no exception.    In conversations with C-suite executives it is clear that to reach the top of any organization great analytical skills are not enough.  An ambitious actuary also needs to develop excellent communication skills.  Our conversations indicate that few actuaries are seen as having these skills. The upshot is an actuary with great communication skills wields a significant comparative advantage over fellow actuaries and indeed other business professionals.

The first step to becoming a good communicator (i.e. a good speaker, writer, negotiator, and leader) is recognizing that there is very little in your formal training that prepares you to be good at any of these things.   The SOA is pleased therefore to offer a one-day Business Savvy Skills Seminar in Toronto later this month to help actuaries at all stages of their career learn, hone and refresh their business savvy skills.

In  the words of one of our profession’s great communicators  “If effective communication is important to you, you need to do what you’ve done in every other aspect of your actuarial training….. work at it” – Malcolm Hamilton

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