Open call for the SOA Nominating Committee – are you interested?

by Anne Button, Vice Chair, SOA Nominating Committee

The SOA has rolled out a series of communications to make sure that members are aware of the major efforts surrounding the SOA’s nominations process. I’m happy to be a part of this initiative as it will give us many opportunities to share information on the system used to identify and select future leaders.

I wanted to call attention to the fact that the SOA recently announced its first open call for the Nominating Committee. Here’s a great opportunity if you’re interested in being considered to be on the committee that identifies and selects Fellows who will help shape the future of the SOA and the actuarial profession.

If you’d like to know more, read the Nominating Committee Member job description. You’ll learn about the required skills, time commitment and responsibilities. Apply for a Nominating Committee position now and help determine the strongest candidates for SOA leadership roles.

I hope you’ll give participation in this new endeavor some serious thought. In the meantime, be informed. Read the communications the SOA is sending about the nominations process and related nominations information. A variety of communication channels are being used to inform members, including SOA News Today, LinkedIn, the SOA Blog and video.

The SOA welcomes member comments and plans to develop an ongoing Q & A communication based on that feedback. Share comments. Express opinions. Ask questions. Correspondence may be sent to membercomms@soa.org.

Through these frequent exchanges, we will all have a more complete understanding of the SOA nominations process.

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2 responses to "Open call for the SOA Nominating Committee – are you interested?"

  • Steve Mathys says:

    I appreciate the opportunity to get involved. I request that the SOA will release the following:

    the names of those who volunteered and were chosen,
    the names of those who volunteered and were not chosen,
    the names of those who did not volunteer but were selected by the Nominating Committee.

  • Thiago says:

    I appreciate your letetr and efforts to improve the process, Pat. Two thoughts have been running through my minds on this topic.1) Maybe we should give the students a few examples of what full credit looks like on typical questions on the exam. It feels like the bar is moving up but are we helping students understand how to better prepare?2) I understand that there has been an effort to increase the level of questions from memorization to higher level understanding and applying concepts on the syllabus. Higher level questions require more thought and more time to analyze. I wonder if we have overlooked the time component.I just hope we haven’t frustrated potentially-awesome students to the point where they have given up on CAS exams

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