Insurance company investment strategies in an economic downturn

“Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
Sir Winston Churchill

In addition to raising many difficult challenges for financial professionals, the global financial crisis also presents a unique opportunity to apply the wisdom of the above quotation. The crisis, often referred to as a “100-year event,”  provides a real-life stress test on the investment and risk management practices of the world’s financial institutions. Much has been written on the shortcomings of the banking and financial services industry. However, insurance companies also struggled through the crisis with some faring better than others. The SOA-sponsored research report by Max Rudolph, “U.S. Insurance Company Investment Strategies in an Economic Downturn,” will help ensure that actuaries have an opportunity to examine what worked and what didn’t in the North American insurance industry (life, health, P&C).

Max Rudolph and Geoffrey Hancock will present a summary of key findings from Max’s research paper on a webcast entitled,  “Insurance Company Investment Strategies in an Economic Downturn: US & Canadian Perspective” on Sept. 19.  Presenters will add comments on the findings from a practical perspective, and compare/contrast the most important learning opportunities for practitioners in Canada and the United States.

What lessons can be learned from past mistakes?  How can we make better decisions in the future? Four years later, has anything changed?

Join us next Wednesday as Max and Geoff answer these questions and more. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the past mistakes of recent history.

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