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Risk Management News: May 2012

Each month we provide links to the best online articles and conversations about risk management. If you would like to add to this list, just leave a summary and a link in the comments section. Enjoy the links for the month of May 2012.

  • According to the results of a recent survey commissioned by BT which sought to gauge the BYOD attitudes of 2,000 IT users and managers globally, eighty-three percent of IT decision makers believe the main threat to corporate IT security is granting a mobile workforce 24/7 access to corporate systems. While the concept enables employees to work more flexibly, more productively and better serve their customers, a mere 10 percent of IT managers believe BYOD users are aware of the risks associated with it. (Source: Silicon Republic)
  • In a Reuters blog post, Society of Actuaries member, Max Rudolph, discusses the ever-evolving risk management discipline and emerging risks CROs are currently worried about today. According to a recent survey sponsored by the Joint Risk Management Section of the Society of Actuaries, Canadian Institute of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society, among the top risks cited by risk managers were financial volatility and failed and failing states. The research also showed that while the CRO is responsible for outlining potential crises, management teams increasingly believe that risk managers are not responsible for predicting the future. (Source: Reuters)
  • A recent survey conducted by Carnegie Mellon’s CyLab, entitled, “How Boards & Senior Executives are Managing Cyber Risks,” found that top executives are too often disengaged from management of cyber risks to their organizations. While there has been some improvement since this survey was last conducted four years ago, there is a lack of understanding of the importance of IT risks as they pertain to overall enterprise risk management. (Source: Government Computer News)
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