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American Idol and Reserves Courses—Forever Linked

by John Adduci, Vice President, PolySystems

The SOA and PolySystems are hosting courses June 6-8 on the latest U.S. reserving principles for traditional life, universal life and deferred annuity products in the Chicago “Loop.” These courses on U.S. reserves have been offered jointly by the SOA and PolySystems since 2002 and feature experienced faculty with a wealth of knowledge.

To provide some perspective, Reserves Courses debuted the same year as “American Idol.”  While you may or may not remember who won “American Idol” that first year, PolySystems and the SOA will give you the tools to retain and apply the concepts discussed at these courses.  Participants receive handouts and spreadsheets prior to the seminars and will have ample opportunity to ask questions related to the reserve calculations, albeit without the fanfare of trick stage lighting, backup singers or Ryan Seacrest.  (FYI—the season one winner was Kelly Clarkson, but admit it, you knew that—didn’t you?)

Reserves courses are designed by PolySystems to give a complete and full understanding of the statutory, GAAP, and tax reserving process and items needed in financial reporting.  The courses are segmented by product type—traditional life, universal life and deferred annuities.  Each course can serve as a comprehensive introduction to reserving principles for the less experienced actuary (Clarkson was a novice, too!).  For those more experienced with current valuation practices, the courses add value as a review of basic concepts; refreshing your knowledge of these basic principles and advanced topics will help when implementing new regulations and approaches.

Did I mention that these one-day courses qualify for continuing professional development (CPD) credit?  Always a good thing! Each course qualifies for a maximum of 8.40 CPD credits.

So if you’re interested in an intro to reserving principles, discovering the latest in valuation techniques or just need to brush up on some skills you haven’t used in a while, please join us in Chicago for the 2012 Reserves Courses. Become a superstar of reserving.

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