Retirement planning ideas focusing on the middle market

by Anna Rappaport, Anna Rappaport Consulting

One of the biggest challenges in retirement security is what can be done that works effectively for the middle market.  The January issue of the Journal of Financial Service Professionals  has a focus on retirement and estate planning for middle-income clients.  I authored an article on retirement risks and solutions for the middle market.  This article reports on Society of Actuaries research, Segmenting the Middle Market – Retirement Risks and Solutions, Part I and Part II.

The Journal issue also includes articles on estate planning and managing distributions for the middle market.

A key concern from my point of view is that for the middle market segments nearing retirement nonfinancial assets, primarily housing, represents about 70% of their assets, not including the value of Social Security and defined benefit pensions.  For individuals who do not have much in the way of financial assets, the key decisions are likely to be when to retire, strategies for claiming Social Security and decisions about housing.  Actuaries focused on how to help manage retirement money need to broaden their focus to think about these broader issues.  A new set of Decision Briefs from the Society of Actuaries provides help in thinking about these issues. .

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2 responses to "Retirement planning ideas focusing on the middle market"

  • Jerry Wheeler says:

    Hello Anna,

    This article is really helpful for me, after read the above Retirement Risks and Solutions, Part I, I want to know more about SOA’s Committee and I am looking for whole life coverage. Heard from my buddies that bankers life insurance is good. http://www.bankerslifeinsurance.com/ has good ones any opinions?

    Jerry Wheeler


    I have more than 70% in housing and I am looking for some discount annuity..however there is always something negative about best deal.. Should I be worried.. a Bankers life have good rates, should I be checking their credit profile? are there online resources.

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