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Apps for Actuaries makes its debut

by Tim Deitz, manager MG-ALFA client services, Milliman Inc.

I got an iPhone about a year ago and found it to be a tremendous source of utility and entertainment. There are so many apps available I still really haven’t figured out where to start. A visit to the App Store can be overwhelming unless I am searching for a specific app that was recommended by someone I know. Everybody has a game to recommend, but finding useful business-related apps is more difficult. I’ll take a chance on the free ones, but once I have to spend money, I want to talk to someone who has actually used it and would recommend it. This is why I am very excited about the launch of the Society of Actuaries “Apps for Actuaries” site. Instead of self-promoting advertisements, I hope to find useful apps that my fellow actuaries are using and would recommend. I expect that Apps for Actuaries will help guide us through the maze of apps that are available. I also hope that the existence of the site will encourage developers to design apps specific to this market.

If you are an active app user, I encourage you to contribute to the site by submitting recommendations and rating/liking the apps in the guide to benefit your fellow actuaries. (I’ve already shared my recommendations.) We need your input to help the guide grow and evolve. Right now there are about 50 apps listed, but we’d like to see this list grow to 150-200 apps.

And if you’re not that familiar with the many apps available to you, Apps for Actuaries is a great starting point—especially if you just received a new iPad or smartphone over the holidays.

I hope you will use this guide regularly to help Apps for Actuaries evolve. After all, it was designed by actuaries, for actuaries.

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4 responses to "Apps for Actuaries makes its debut"

  • Aizaz Wahid says:

    No support for Android? C’mon …

  • Tim Moberly says:

    Aizaz, Thanks for taking a look at the site. The site does indeed have apps for ALL major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, and Blackberry). For example, to find all Android apps (across categories), select the “Browse by Category” menu, and choose “View All”. On the “platform” filter (the drop-down at the top of the list), select “Android”. You’ll see we have over 50 Android apps listed already.

    Having said that, the primary purpose of the site is for our members to help grow/enhance the collection. We’ve only “seeded” it with a small set and need your input to build the collection.

    If you can tell us which Android apps in particular would be great for a working actuary (or actuarial student), we’d be glad to add/update them.

  • Aizaz Wahid says:

    Thanks Tim. I was looking for the HP-12C app that is currently available on the iPhone only but I understand that that is not an SOA developed application.

  • Ken Klinger says:

    I wrote a small free iPhone ap that does some basic survival table calculations based on US Social Security Cohort tables. The app is called Survival Odds and is listed on the Apple store.

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