SOA sections: What is increased satisfaction worth to you?

by Meg Weber, SOA Director of Section Services

When we ask section members why they belong, the first answer always relates to something intangible. I heard it best put, “It enhances my personal brand.” Your brand identity is what you communicate to your colleagues and employers about your professional interests. A section membership is a public affirmation that you choose to care about issues beyond the immediacy of your job.

Not sure section membership is right for you? On SOA member and candidate surveys, members of sections are consistently more satisfied with the profession and the SOA than those who don’t. I believe that is because members of sections have made a greater commitment and more effort to be a part of something and that makes the rest of the experience feel more worthwhile. What is your increased satisfaction worth to you?

As long as there are sections, SOA staff will work with section leaders to provide timely and relevant member benefits. Section membership directs specific information your way via newsletters, bulletins and the web. Networking is not limited to face-to-face meetings. Ten sections now support LinkedIn groups. Individual sections offer discounts on events and continuing education.

Discounts were also cited by section members as something they wanted out of the relationship.

We are pleased to announce that with your next dues payment, each section member will receive a $25 coupon that can be applied to any one section-sponsored webinar in 2012.

You may not realize that your section member dues are critical to run section operations. Dues support the infrastructure at the SOA—from design to IT—that gets the content out to members in all its forms. I hope in 2012 you make the commitment to membership and consider volunteering with an SOA section. There are no barriers to involvement if you are interested. Find more information on our website.

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