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Wouldn’t it be great?

by James Miles, SOA Consulting Staff Fellow, Individual Life & Annuity Solutions

JimMiles Our training and experience as actuaries enables us to have a unique perspective on and understanding of the causes and effects of financial outcomes. Sharing meaningful insights and perspectives allows us to increase the visibility and stature of the profession. For most of us the opportunities to formally express our ideas and reach outside our profession are limited to relatively small audiences. Wouldn’t it be great if we could write a paper offering a unique perspective on a current issue and that our paper would be promoted by a professional staff?

The leaders of the SOA sections feel so strongly that capturing the insights of actuaries on paper is a good way to increase the contribution of intellectual capital and stature of the actuarial profession that they periodically sponsor a Call for Papers and award cash prizes for the best papers.

The latest Call for Papers is the Reinsurance Section’s call to generate thought and discussion on topics germane to the reinsurance industry (life and non-life) of today and tomorrow. The topic must be related to the reinsurance industry–an issue not satisfactorily resolved in the marketplace, or one that’s emerging due to changes in the environment or changes in regulation.

This is a great opportunity for you to let others know about that great insight or idea that you have and contribute to the intellectual capital of the actuarial profession. Papers are due by July 31. Learn more about the Reinsurance Section’s Call for Papers.

You can also read all the published papers from recent Calls for Papers.

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