Are you LinkedIn?

by Lisamarie Lukas, Director of Communications

LisamarieLukas While the Rolodex will long have a place on many desks, social networking tools like LinkedIn have made it easier to stay connected and in-the-know. With more than 100 million members in over 200 countries, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the Internet.

Do you use LinkedIn? As an association, the SOA has found great benefitsLinkedInScreenshot in our SOA LinkedIn group. In fact, membership has grown like crazy since it first launched in 2009 with almost 4,000 members around the world. Aside from SOA organization posts, members often post industry articles, surveys and start discussions.

Last month we launched a survey to better understand how members are using the group and/or what we can do to help. With more than 340 responses, we learned that members would like to see more members interacting on the group while others are unsure of the benefits.

Are you on the fence or don’t feel as “linked-in” as you’d like to be? While LinkedIn offers a free, comprehensive training tool, here are a few specific tips from SOA group members on how they use LinkedIn.

  • Promote your Personal Brand: Use LinkedIn to highlight your actuarial career experience and accomplishments. From your SOA involvement to past employers, build eminence as a thought leader as every time you comment your profile can be viewed.
  • Stay Connected on Research and Trends: The SOA and group members regularly post industry research and articles that help you stay informed on hot topics.
  • Share your Perspective: Call it a virtual brainstorm, LinkedIn discussion posts provide a way for you to convene with other actuaries and get perspective on professional development questions and business issues.
  • Get Information When You Want It: By clicking on the settings tab, you can choose how often you get group updates.

Interested in joining the SOA LinkedIn group? Click here and you will get a confirmation email to confirm membership.

So how do you use LinkedIn to stay connected?

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