New M.O.R.T. Delivery Goes Live!

by Cindy MacDonald, SOA Senior Experience Studies Actuary

cindy-macdonald The SOA just made it easier for you to search for and retrieve one or more of the 900+ Mortality and Other Rate Tables stored on our website. The new delivery facility can be found at http://mort.soa.org. From this landing page, you can view and download one or many experience, valuation and population tables from around the globe. With just a few clicks, the data in these tables will be available in your own personal xls, csv or xml file.

And for you technology buffs, you’ll be glad to know that the SOA is taking advantage of the flexibility and portability of ACORD’s Xtbml standard for the storage of our source data. To help promote the usage of Xtbml, we’ve included a feature where you can convert an xls file into an xml file with Xtbml format. See http://mort.soa.org/About.aspx for more information about the Xtbml standard.

Be sure to check out the SOA’s Mortality and Other Rate Tables!

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