Online shopping? Pick up a CPD e-course

by Leslie Fausher, SOA e-Learning Manager

lfausher With the holidays fast approaching, shopping malls are filling with frantic shoppers looking for last-minute deals on everything from ties to the largest-ever High-Definition Television (HDTV). If you’ve selected your friends wisely, you’ll be getting the HDTV. If not, then there’s always the popular option of re-gifting. It’s true what they say: They’ll never know.

Savvier shoppers are avoiding long lines, parking lot showdowns and cold temperatures by shopping online. From the comfort of their own home, they are commanding books, toys and electronics to float off the shelves and materialize at their doorsteps – all with a few clicks of a mouse. Pretty powerful stuff. This year, there is another online purchase worth considering that is far more valuable than any gift you’ll receive: Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits.

Beginning with the rollout of the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) e-Course in 2009, Professional Development e–Courses provide an opportunity for SOA members to take advantage of the convenience and wealth of knowledge online learning has to offer. The PD e-Courses are self-paced and offer a comprehensive learning opportunity package: Members can earn CPD credits at their convenience while keeping up to date with actuarial content developed by experienced subject matter experts.

To date there have been a total of fourteen e–Courses released, spanning a diverse number of topics: Fundamentals of Actuarial Practice (FAP), Health Foundations, Regulatory Perspectives on Enterprise Risk Management and Financial and Health Economics, just to name a few. Newly released in October 2010 was the first in a series of four Professionalism modules: Professionalism in Practice: Precept 10 e-Course. The remaining Professionalism e-Courses will be available in early 2011. In addition to the Professionalism series, future e-Courses will focus on Corporate Finance and Risk, among other topics. In addition to provoking thought questions and case studies, audiocasts and videos are also available in several e-Courses to enhance the e-Learning experience. Additionally, most e-Courses offer an opportunity to share insights and ideas with colleagues via an online Discussion Forum. Whether you are interested in a three-hour or fifty-hour e-Course, the return on investment is immeasurable.

As the end of the attestation cycle approaches and members look to fulfill their Continuing Professional Development Requirement, e-Courses continue to be recognized as a viable and valuable option. So, as you wrap up your holiday shopping, invest in yourself this year – purchase the gift of Professionalism, Finance or Health and continue to reap the rewards and recognition that membership in the Society of Actuaries brings.

Register now to join the ranks of members already registered and on their way to satisfying their CPD requirements. View the entire list of PD e-Courses, associated PD credit value and registration information.

Direct specific PD questions to pd@soa.org

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