The Profession’s Direction: What’s Your Say?

by Mike McLaughlin, SOA President, 2009-2010

McLaughlin Are you aware of an issue that you think the SOA should know about? Do you have thoughts or ideas about the direction we should be headed in as an organization?

You may be seeing a trend that impacts your work, a new and emerging issue, or something with regard to SOA policies and procedures that could have an effect on the profession.

If so, there is now an easy way to share your thoughts with the SOA. Simply click ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the SOA home page, and choose ‘I want to share an idea’. Once filled out, the information will be directed to the appropriate SOA staff person to be addressed. As another option, you can always send your ideas to ideas@soa.org.

If this process sounds familiar to you, it’s because a similar process has been in place since 2006. In fact, this is how the SOA became aware of Untapped Opportunities for Actuaries in the Health Industry, which has led to significant market research into new opportunities for actuaries in the health field.

Throughout the year, one of my goals has been to stimulate a greater dialogue between the SOA and members, and this is one more way to encourage feedback from you regarding the state and the direction of our profession.

Will your idea be one of our strategic initiatives for 2011? We want each member to have a say in the direction our profession is taking. Take advantage of this opportunity to share what’s on your mind.

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