Join Me for SOA Dialogue: An Interactive Session with SOA Leadership

by Mike McLaughlin, SOA President, 2009-2010

McLaughlin I hope you’ve been noticing the ways in which the SOA has been working to maintain a dialogue with members. We’ve established this blog. I’ve been writing a monthly column in SOA News Today on our strategic initiatives. Instead of giving speeches at some of our larger meetings, I will be holding more interactive discussions that include Q&A with members. I’ve even got a Twitter account that you’re welcome follow me on!

Now we have introduced one more way to listen to you, and that is through our webinar, SOA Dialogue: An Interactive Session with SOA Leadership. I will be joined by Don Segal, president-elect, and Greg Heidrich, executive director, to present the 2009 Member & Candidate Survey results, give an overview of our Rapid Research pilot project and discuss other strategic initiatives. The webinar is structured for the three of us to give a 30-minute presentation, and then 30 minutes will be devoted to answering your questions.

It will take place on Wednesday, May 5 from 12pm-1pm EDT. This is a free event, and you can register here.

If you’re unable to attend this live webinar, it will be recorded and archived on the SOA Web site for viewing later. We welcome you to submit your questions in advance by sending them to MemberComms@soa.org.

I hope you join the discussion—we look forward to hearing from you!

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One response to "Join Me for SOA Dialogue: An Interactive Session with SOA Leadership"

  • Mary Pat Campbell says:

    Listening to the webinar mentioned above right now….

    I think it’s great that you’re using multiple channels to communicate, as not everyone is interested in the same methods to receive info. Print publications, online methods, in-person meetings – all different ways to get the same info out and provide interaction in a variety of ways.

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