On the Local Front: Talking to Actuaries

McLaughlin Last month I had the privilege of visiting a number of actuarial clubs, including the Actuarial Society of Hong Kong, the Chicago Actuarial Association, the Actuaries Club of Philadelphia and the Nebraska Actuaries Club.

These visits have reinforced my understanding of clubs’ importance to the fabric of the Society of Actuaries. Just as sections are grassroots knowledge communities of the SOA, I think of actuarial clubs as unofficial geographic or regional ‘sections’ of the SOA.

The clubs do a great job of providing additional educational opportunities for members, as well as a forum for networking locally, and even creating and sharing career opportunities.

I’ve been enjoying speaking at these meetings and, more importantly, listening to the thoughts and ideas of fellow members. Meetings provide the opportunity to hear perspectives from all levels of experience—from retirees to managers, to mid-career actuaries and to students.

Speaking of students, we should all be impressed with the caliber of students who want to become the next generation of professionals in the measurement and management of risk! In my visits to Hong Kong (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University), the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and at the actuarial club meetings, I’ve talked with many bright, enthusiastic and articulate young people on their way to becoming actuaries. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the professors and academics who are doing an excellent job of preparing students for careers as actuaries.

I’m looking forward to meeting many more of you throughout the year, whether it is through a local actuarial club, university or at an SOA event!

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