Consider Being a Candidate for SOA Board

It is only March, but the SOA Nominating Committee is already preparing for election season!

Any organization or corporation benefits from having an active, diverse and involved Board of Directors. I have served on the SOA Board for over 6 years, and doing so has been a great opportunity for me to play an important role in shaping our profession’s future.

Recently the SOA asked Board members what they liked about serving. Here are a few responses:

  • Personal leadership opportunities
  • The focus on strategic and business issues
  • Learning more about the activities throughout the SOA
  • Professional camaraderie with staff and other Board members
  • Making decisions to advance the profession
  • It’s interesting and exciting to be involved in major strategy issues

It’s important work, and it brings substantial rewards!

Serving on the Board or on a section council gives you an opportunity to learn or enhance skills such as strategic thinking, consensus building, partnership and communication. These are qualities that you can use in your everyday work and life. And think about it from the employer side—your service provides visibility for your employer as well!

If you’ve been thinking about it, but haven’t yet acted, I highly encourage you to consider running for the SOA Board of Directors or a section council. You will benefit, your employer will benefit and most of all, your profession will benefit.

For more information, visit the SOA Elections page.

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